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JavaScript β€’ React β€’ CSS β€’ HTML β€’ Animations


Backend & Cloud

Node.js β€’ AWS


API & Database

REST β€’ GraphQL β€’ SQL

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Software Engineer - II (Frontend)

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April 2021 - Present

Core-contributor of building cross-framework Component Library of accessible Web Components using Stencil.js, integrated them across multiple internal platforms and web applications for Unilever brands.

Enhanced UX by building interactive, accessible dashboards, graphs, and charts and increased performance by 40% by optimizing loading sequence and creating a progressive image loading component.


Balaji Pichumani

Balaji Pichumani

Managing Director @ SCI-BI

Aravind is a strong developer with great work ethics. During his tenure at SCI-BI he worked on some of our complex projects and exceeded expectations every single time. He has a penchant for good UI/UX which was visible from the work he did for our products. I would strongly recommend Aravind to be a part of any web development team and will be happy to have him on our side in any project.

Kishore Jayadeva

Kishore Jayadeva

Head of Analytics @ Redington Cloud

I had the opportunity to work with Aravind for over a year. He has good knowledge of Python, Pyspark, and Web applications. He is a trustworthy, talented, dependable member of the team and executes the assigned projects well. I wish him all the best in his professional journey.

Nitesh Mutkekar

Nitesh Mutkekar

Senior Data Scientist @ Philips

Aravind was a fantastic colleague to work with, and is not only a multi-skilled and insightful colleague, but also a very good person. Aravind is very hardworking and extremely talented. Aravind is always focused with a very strong problem solving, programming skills and dedicated to excellence. With skills like yours, you don't need luck. And here’s wishing you the very best for all the new ventures.

Gopal Seetharaman

Gopal Seetharaman

Founder & CEO @ Madbee

Hey Aravind, Punctuality was one of your best traits that I would greatly appreciate. I am sure it will take you a long way. Of course, I should mention your good understanding of client's needs, which helped you design the right kind of data visualisation, using your excellent skills in data tools. Wish you all the very best, Aravind.

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Revamped my Portfolio β€’ Blog site. Built πŸ›  with Gatsby β€’ React β€’ Strapi β€’ Pure CSS. Improved Lighthouse score πŸš€ to 100% web metrics.



A Web application to πŸ”Ž search and visualize πŸ“Š GitHub profiles. Implemented Search and Authentication. Used React β€’ FusionCharts and much more 🧐 to beautify it. Have a look 🀩

ReactGitHub API

Web Recorder - STT

A Web audio recorder πŸŽ™ built using Recorder.js and Google speech to text API. Allows you to record audio πŸ”Š on the Web and converts audio to text πŸ“

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