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Revamped my Portfolio • Blog site. Built 🛠 with Gatsby • React • Strapi • Pure CSS. Improved Lighthouse score 🚀 to 100% web metrics.



A Web application to 🔎 search and visualize 📊 GitHub profiles. Implemented Search and Authentication. Used React • FusionCharts and much more 🧐 to beautify it. Have a look 🤩

ReactGitHub API

Web Recorder - STT

A Web audio recorder 🎙 built using Recorder.js and Google speech to text API. Allows you to record audio 🔊 on the Web and converts audio to text 📝


Tribute Page - FreeCodeCamp

As a part of Responsive Web Design projects in FreeCodeCamp's curriculum, built a Tribute Page for Steve Jobs. Have a look.

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